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Grafic Center started business in 1974 in a restricted 100 square metre work space the result of extensive experience in the promotional and screen printing sector. Today, after more than 40 years, Grafic Center operates out of two factories with an overall work space of 2,200 sq. metres meeting and satisfying the quality and delivery requirements of our customers.

Screen printing, High frequency labels and accessories for shoes and sports articles


Today, Grafic Center is a dynamic, innovative, flexibly integrated and customer-orientated business committed to carrying out jobs in very short timeframes with the highest quality and professionalism. We develop some projects according to customer specifications and requirements and others where we offer our own proposals, solutions and ideas along with innovation, stylish design (notably in fashion) and the use of new materials with a feasibility study for the final creation. Thanks to this vast experience and continuous updating, we have established ourselves as a remarkable point of reference in the field of screen printing, digital printing and high frequency.

Grafic Center


Grafic Center has a highly qualified body of staff and its offices include technical, marketing, accounting, graphic and quality departments.

Grafic Center

Quality System

In our opinion quality means short term delivery, quality and customer satisfaction, even for the most demanding Customers. Over 40 years of experience and customer history certify our professionalism and the quality standards of our work.

Screen printing, High frequency labels and accessories for shoes and sports articles

Grafic Center

Grafic Center: Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques which has developed over the years to become of the highest quality. It is now possible to obtain flawless printing on any kind of material: cotton fabric, leather products, paper, PVC, polyurethane, glass, metals and wood. We use plastic and water colours, non-toxic solvents and even countless shades of colours on a single product.
Grafic Center: Digital Printing

Digital Printing

One of the newest high tech printing systems which enables the best photo-quality prints to be reproduced on the greatest variety of types of materials. In addition to the single piece, this system allows us to handle small and medium quantities, thus reducing equipment costs and guaranteeing fast delivery.
Grafic Center: High frequency and hot printing

High frequency and hot printing

Through careful processing with moulds and HF machines we can reproduce three-dimensional labels, create embossing and designs unalterable over time on leather, PVC-coated fabrics and polyurethane and apply a variety of materials directly on fabrics.
Grafic Center: Resin coating

Resin coating

By applying a coating of clear, soft and flexible bicomponent polyurethane resin, it is possible to protect the adhesive items and create a three-dimensional look that enhances the brightness and chromatism of the colors. Resin makes the adhesive qualitatively superior and aesthetically more appealing.
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