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Graphic Center performs automated screen printing for industry and advertising.
Serigraphy or screen printing is one of permeografico type printing technique that uses today as a matrix of polyester fabric stretched over a wooden frame or metal framework defined as screen printing or silk-screen.
To date, the screen printing is a well established technology in industrial printing, widely used in all applications in which a higher deposition of ink compared to other printing technologies available today as is required to offset printing, flexo printing, inkjet printing .
Textile screen printing is known for printing on clothing like t-shirts and for the continuous printing of silk fabrics, wool, Lycra, polyester, polyamide.
The graphics screen printing is normally intended for print advertising or illustrations and graphics or drawings; industrial screen printing applications for functional decoration and not only decorative (control panels, road signs etc.). The artistic silkscreen is instead the use of all the great capacity of this printing technology to produce works that stand out for their originality, precious and special reproducing multiple works of art.
Serigraphy more colors include the use of more arrays (one for each color) and a high precision in the overlapping of the images, obtained with the tracking of said register mark signs that allow an accurate print.
The silk-screen technique normally produces flat and sharp images in backgrounds, you can get soft effects, using techniques and more sophisticated equipment. The press remains slightly raised.
In screen printing unlike traditional offset printing you can be achieved countless special effects that we list below:
glossy screen printing, matte screen printing, screen printing with water-based inks, screen printing with swelling inks, screen printing with thick wall thickness effects, screen printing with glitter, screen printing with metallic inks, screen printing with thermo chromic inks, screen printing with phosphorescent inks, screen printing with fluorescent inks, screen printing with iridescent inks, screen printing with abrasive screen printing inks with wrinkled effects, screen printing with flock, screen printing with perfumed inks, screen printing with tactile effects, screen printing with structured notes, screen printing with magnetic effects, screen printing with scratch effects and win, screen printing with blackboard effects, screen printing with screen printing effects with security inks, silkscreen printing with inks that are activated with water.

Specialized: screen printing in Vicenza Treviso and Padova, T-shirts and fabric printing, Screen printing T-shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, Printing pvc, aluminum, brass, steel, galvanized steel, ceramics, glass, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, paper and wood
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