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High frequency labels and accessories for shoes and sports articles

Graphic Center with this particular process can weld, coupled or create important games on the material being processed. Its peculiarity is the excellent mechanical strength given to the piece that thanks to an electromagnetic field applied by special machines, is melted and welded.
L 'sees high frequency of high frequency waves which are passed through the small area between the mold and the table in which the processing takes place; thus making a high-frequency electromagnetic field that oscillates the molecules of some types of materials that are heated up to their melting point is created.
The combination of this "heat" and pressure make that the welding takes the form of the mold.
This process causes the high frequency can be used in a variety of areas in which the request is a strong and held constant. They can be welded materials such as PVC and PU are the most common thermoplastics to be welded with HF, however, it is also possible to weld other polymers such as nylon, PET, EVA and some plastics ABS.
This technique combined with the silk screen printing allows to obtain, for example, written in colored relief with respect to the background color that will be crushed, or vice versa. Also you can be coupled to PVC (or other plastic materials such as polyurethane foams or coagulated) of non-plastic materials by means of special binders to HF reagent, so as to obtain for example of fabric labels but with drawings and written in relief.

Specialized: Press high frequency in Vicenza Treviso and Padova, printing embossed fabric, screen printing by high frequency welding in relief printing on leather embossed decorations
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