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Resin coated labels and resin coating for third parties

The resin to be an added value to adhesive, protects the press and gives a three-dimensional appearance to the finished product. The thickness from the resin gives the 3D effect, enhancing the brilliance and chromatic color. The resin makes the qualitatively superior adhesive, more valuable and is aesthetically the maximum obtainable. This polyurethanica resin is clear, soft, flexible and long-term protects the adhesive and does not yellow over time.
The resin coating process consists in casting a layer of transparent resin on the surface to be decorated, giving a three-dimensional appearance and a particular appeal to the touch; ensuring greater readability to the texts thanks to the "lenticular", the resin effectively protects against UV radiation and mechanical friction greatly extending the life of the label.
The resins we use are transparent resins, semi-soft and extremely bright.
Three-dimensional resin stickers to give your brand image more prestigious and important.

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